10-11TroopBAOC Orienteering Scout-o
10-13TroopTroop Meeting
10-18TroopDublin Cemetery Clean-up
10-20TroopTroop Meeting
10-24TroopVenture Crew Del Osso Farms
10-25TroopRimrover Hike Mt. Wittenberg
10-31TroopWebelos Roundup
11-03TroopTroop Meeting
11-07TroopJeffrey Fisher's Eagle Project
11-10TroopTroop Meeting
11-11TroopVA Hospital Flag Ceremony on Veterans Day
11-14 -> 11-15TroopScouting for Food - Flyer Drop Off
11-17TroopTroop Meeting
10-18TroopDublin Cemetery Clean-up
9 people attending
10-25TroopRimrover Hike Mt. Wittenberg
3 people attending
10-31TroopWebelos Roundup
0 people attending
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11-11TroopVA Hospital Flag Ceremony on Veterans Day
0 people attending
11-14 -> 11-15TroopScouting for Food - Flyer Drop Off
0 people attending
11-21TroopScouting for Food - Pickup & Manage Trailer
0 people attending
11-28TroopRock Climbing
4 people attending
01-09 -> 01-10TroopUSS Pampanito Submarine Overnight
5/48 people attending
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01-16TroopWinter Camping Awareness class
1 people attending
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Troop 905 Ongoing Fundraiser - Free eWaste Pickup
To schedule a pickup of your computer/tv/ewaste please visit www.ewaste4good.com or
call 1-800-317-3112 and reference "Boy Scout Troop 905 Dublin"



VA Hospital Flag Ceremony on Veterans Day

Posted on Oct 8 2015 - 9:28am

Hello Troop 905 scouts and parents,

We are once again asked to present a Flag Ceremony at the VA Hospital in Livermore on Veteran's Day. Last time we did this the veteran's really like seeing scouts there!  We are in need of both scouts and an adult or two, to go with the boys to the VA Hospital (adult youth protection up to date please).

Jeffrey Fisher's Eagle Project

Posted on Oct 5 2015 - 7:02pm

We will be making backpack racks for the 5th graders at Murray Elementary School. November 7 will be a painting day, and the 8th will be an assembly day. 

Scout-O Orienteering event Sunday October 11, 2015.

Posted on Sep 28 2015 - 9:08pm

Registration Deadline is Saturday October 3.  Sign up now!

Are you and your troop ready to test your map reading and problem solving abilities?  Are you ready to pass the map and compass requirements for First Class, Second Class, or the Orienteering merit badge?  The Bay Area Orienteering Club is pleased to offer the twenty-third annual Scout-O, a cross country map and compass adventure designed to test the map reading ability, compass skills and woodsman savvy of any troop regardless of size or experience.

Las Trampas (Local) Camp-out 9/26-9/27

Posted on Aug 27 2015 - 3:44pm

The next camp-out will take place at Las Trampas Regional Wilderness in San Ramon.  This is an over-night camp-out beginning on Saturday 9/26 and returning on Sunday 9/27.  Sign up now if you are interested in attending. 

Go Kart Day - LeMans Karting in Fremont

Posted on Aug 21 2015 - 8:29am

Go Kart Day is coming up soon (9/12).  If you plan on attending, please sign up as soon as possible.   The event will take place at LeMans Karting in Fremont from approx. 8:30-noon on Saturday, 9/12.  You must be at least 11-17 years old and 4'9" tall and have a signed waiver from your parents. Cost is $50 per scout.  Sign up now (on the 905 site) to reserve your spot! http://lemanskarting.com/fremont/junior-driver-program/

SPLATTER Fundraising Event

Posted on Aug 17 2015 - 8:31am

Splatter, the City of Dublin Fall Wine-Crafts Festival, is coming up on Saturday, September 19. Troop 905 will once again be providing assistance by selling cold drinks and handling trash. This is a fundraising event for both the Troop and Scouts who can earn camping fund credits.  Sign-up is available here: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0f49aaab23a20-city



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