05-31TroopNathan Fisher's Eagle Court of Honor
06-02TroopTroop Meeting
06-06TroopRim Rover
06-09TroopTroop Meeting
06-14 -> 06-20TroopNYLT1
06-16TroopTroop Meeting
06-21 -> 06-27TroopNYLT2
06-26 -> 06-29TroopBackpacking
06-27TroopVenture Crew Santa Cruz Day Trip
07-07TroopTroop Meeting
07-10 -> 07-12TroopMt. Shasta Camping
07-14TroopTroop Meeting
07-18TroopVenture Crew Surfing Lessons
07-21TroopTroop Meeting
06-06TroopRim Rover
0 people attending
06-26 -> 06-29TroopBackpacking
2 people attending
07-10 -> 07-12TroopMt. Shasta Camping
3 people attending
Register by Jun 26, 2015
07-26 -> 08-01TroopWente
32 people attending
08-15 -> 08-16TroopFort Ross Service Project
2/20 scouts attending
Register by Aug 04, 2015
09-12TroopGo Kart Day
0 people attending
0 people attending
09-25 -> 09-27TroopCampout (Local - TBD)
0 people attending
10-03TroopDiablo Hike
0 people attending
10-10 -> 10-11TroopSt. Raymond Fall Festival
0 people attending
10-10 -> 10-11TroopDublin Cemetary Clean-up
0 people attending
10-25TroopBAOC Orienteering
0 people attending
11-07 -> 11-08TroopScouting for Food - Flyer Drop Off
0 people attending
11-14TroopScouting for Food - Pickup & Manage Trailer
0 people attending
11-21 -> 11-22TroopPampanito Overnight
1 people attending
11-28TroopRock Climbing
0 people attending

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Nathan Fisher's Eagle Court of Honor

Posted on May 17 2015 - 4:59pm

Please Join Us for Nathan Fisher’s Eagle Court of Honor on Sunday, May 31 beginning at 3:00 pm. The Court of Honor will be held at Murray Elementary located at 8435 Davona Drive in Dublin.  Light refreshments will be served. Come and enjoy some 905 tales of adventure and help us celebrate Nathan’s scouting accomplishments.

May 5th is PLC

Posted on May 1 2015 - 12:44pm

May 5th will be a PLC (Patrol Leaders Council) meeting.  This is because we swapped with April 28 to have preparation for Camporee instead.  May 5th will not be a regular meeting.

April 28 is regular Troop Meeting

Posted on Apr 25 2015 - 9:30pm

This Tuesday the 28th is a standard troop meeting.  We will be preparing for camporee.

We will be assigning tent buddies, grub masters, etc.

Pre Camporee

Posted on Apr 11 2015 - 9:48pm

Registration for Pre-Camporee event at Las Trampas has been opened up again through Tuesday the 14th.  This is a great opportunity to work on Scout skills since this campout is designed for that.  This campsite is only 20 minutes away from the Scout Shack.

2015 - A Space Fantasy

Posted on Mar 25 2015 - 8:51pm

Hello 905 Camporee Campers,

The annual Twin Valley district camporee is just around the corner, May 1 – 3 at Rancho Los Mochos.  Registration is due April 3.  Please sign up on our website, even if you have signed up in the scout shack.

Wente Summer Camp

Posted on Mar 11 2015 - 8:19pm

Hello All 905 Campers:

The BIG annual summer camp of the year is Camp Wente, from July 26th - August 1st.  *Wente Deposits* are NOW DUE!  Deposit is $150.  If your son will be going, please sign up on our web page and please get your deposit (made out to Troop 905) in by March 17 to secure a spot at the discounted rate of $365. 



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