01-21TroopWinter Camp Awareness
01-24TroopILST Session 2 - Tools of the Trade
01-28TroopRim Rover Hike
01-31TroopILST Session 3 - Leadership and Teamwork
02-05TroopScout Sunday
02-07TroopCourt Of Honor
02-07TroopTroop Meeting
02-14TroopTroop Meeting
02-21TroopTroop Meeting
02-25 -> 02-26TroopKlondike Derby
03-07TroopTroop Meeting
03-14TroopTroop Meeting
01-24TroopILST Session 2 - Tools of the Trade
5 people attending
01-28TroopRim Rover Hike
22 people attending
01-31TroopILST Session 3 - Leadership and Teamwork
5 people attending
02-05TroopScout Sunday
4 people attending
02-25 -> 02-26TroopKlondike Derby
22 people attending
Register by Feb 01, 2017
05-06 -> 05-07TroopIntro Backpack - Sunol
8/24 scouts attending
Register by May 02, 2017
05-19 -> 05-21TroopCamporee
6 people attending
07-23 -> 07-29TroopWente summer camp
16 people attending
08-04 -> 08-06TroopMt. Lassen Camping
12 people attending
10-13 -> 10-15TroopMoaning Caverns
14 people attending
10-28TroopRim Rover Hike at Mt Tamalpais
15 people attending

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Troop 905 Ongoing Fundraiser - Free eWaste Pickup
To schedule a pickup of your computer/tv/ewaste please visit www.ewaste4good.com or
call 1-800-317-3112 and reference "Boy Scout Troop 905 Dublin"



NYLT 2017 Registration now open

Posted on Jan 16 2017 - 7:51pm

NYLT is National Youth Leadership Training.  This is the next level of leadership training after taking the ILST (Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops) with our troop.  It is a great way to learn how to be a better leader in any position in the troop or even leading at other places like school or sports.

Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops class

Posted on Jan 11 2017 - 8:42pm

The next three Tuesdays (Jan 17, 24, 31) are when we will hold the annual training workshop for the leaders in the troop.  The workshops will be from 5:45 PM to 6:55 PM at the Scout Shack.  Pizza will be served during the course.

Christmas Tree Pickup - Saturday the 7th

Posted on Jan 5 2017 - 8:33pm

The SignUp Genius link for Pickup Orders, Collection Point, Pickup Day, Tree collection vehicles, and Food is at: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/20F0F49AAAB23A20-20171.  Please let us know you are comming by signing up.

Troop White Elephant - Tues mtg Dec 20

Posted on Dec 17 2016 - 10:21pm

There will be a White Elephant gift exchange at this s Tuesday's troop mtg. If you want to participate in this fun game:

bring a wrapped fun Scout appropriate gift valued under $10 for exchange. It can be useful or useless. That's what makes me the mystery of the gift exchange fun. Gifts are put in a bin then boys are randomly selected in turns to pick  a gift. When they open it they either hold onto it or steal some else's opened gift. This goes round and round. Pretty funny and lots of good natured fun. Sit is not required that you participate. But the more the merrier. See you Tuesday!

Troop Elections 13-Dec-2016

Posted on Dec 10 2016 - 5:44pm

That's right!  It is time for troop elections again.  Even if you are not running for a position please be there so that you can vote for the new leaders of the troop and your patrol.

Dentistry MB Workshop

Posted on Nov 17 2016 - 5:55am

Click on the event for more info! Contact Mrs. Summersett if you'd like to attend.



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